Dr Róisín Dwyer is a Senior Lecturer in Translational Science and Principal Investigator in the School of Medicine.  Her research focuses on cell communication in the breast tumour microenvironment, with a view to harnessing knowledge for development of novel gene therapy approaches for advanced breast cancer.  

Tumours actively recruit stromal cells including Mesenchymal Stromal Cells (MSCs), and stromal-epithelial crosstalk plays a critical role in tumour development and progression. The team is interested in mediators of this crosstalk, including chemokines/cytokines, microRNAs and extracellular vesicles (EVs). Understanding this environment will facilitate harnessing the potential of MSCs or their secreted EVs as vehicles for targeted delivery of therapy to metastatic breast cancer.  

Multidisciplinary collaboration is key to this work and the team is involved in national and international research consortia. As the impact of the tumour microenvironment at a systemic level has become increasingly clear, the work has expanded to inform collaborations with colleagues studying cachexia and bone remodelling in the breast cancer setting.  

Dr Dwyer’s research has been recognised through a variety of honours and funding awards, and has been widely published in respected journals such as Clinical Cancer Research and Molecular Therapy. She is a named inventor on patents, and works closely with industry collaborators to develop therapeutic EVs for a range of disease indications. The team is actively involved in science outreach and routinely communicates research progress with patients, school children and the general public.

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