In terms of undergraduate degrees, we offer Zoology through the Science (GY301) pathway, and contribute to modules in Zoology through degrees in Environmental Science (GY308), Marine Science (GY310), and Earth and Ocean Sciences (GY314). Our emphasis on practical classes combined with sound theoretical knowledge leads to highly skilled graduates.

Our Zoology graduates find diverse employment including in conservation, environmental management, in molecular labs, in aquaculture, and by the National Parks and Wildlife Service, the Environmental Protection Agency, the Irish Fisheries Board, Teagasc, and the Marine Institute. Graduates may also use their skills creatively to become science journalists, wildlife illustrators or teachers.


Furthermore, we offer specialised postgraduate programmes in this area, if you have a desired field of expertise in mind. Below is a list of 6 postgraduate programmes available at the University of Galway which are associated with the Biodiversity and Bioresources Research Cluster.