Employment and Educational Verification Service for University Graduates

Advice for University Graduates

If you need to verify you are a University of Galway graduate – for example, for the purposes of work opportunities or further studies – there are a range of ways we can assist you.

Please email askregistry@universityofgalway.ie  

Advice for Employers and Background Screening Companies

If you are an employer or background screening firm requesting degree and certificate verifications, for a University of Galway Graduate you will need to email our service with the following details:

  • Graduate name
  • Graduate date of birth
  • Degree course title
  • Graduate written consent in .Doc, .Jpeg, .PDF format

The above is required to enable our service to provide the accurate Educational verification for the Graduate you are inquiring after.

Your request must be emailed to askregistry@universityofgalway.ie