Name Changes

Pre-Exam Session advice

Please note that we cannot process change of names prior to an exam session!

If you wish to change your name on the Student Records of University of Galway, please complete the  Online Change of Name form‌ and submit it, along with the necessary documentation as instructed on the form.

The deadline to submit a Change of Name request for conferral parchments is 6 weeks before your Conferring Session. Conferring dates are published on the Conferring Calendar webpage

Accepted documentation
Your request to change your name on the University's Student Records System can only be accepted when the new name is verified by one of the following accepted supporting documentation:
  • Birth Certificate
  • Passport
  • Drivers Licence
  • Deed Poll
  • Gender Recognition Certificate
  • National Identity Card (Country Dependent)
  • Marriage Certificate
  • Divorce Certificate
  • Any other form of documentation deemed necessary to process the request

Name Changes are processed within 5 working days upon receipt. You need to allow for time to enable the synchronisation of your name change across University systems

For more information on the potential implications of a Name Change to your email address please visit the ISS webpage.

For more information about how to check your new email address, please visit the ISS Email Services webpage.

If you are already a graduate of another NUI University please refer to their website for change of name requests

Information for Students who are Gender Transitioning

The University has a Gender Identity and Gender Expression Policy which you should review –

you can find it on the policy page here: 


If you wish to change your name and gender and you have legal documentation of that change

(Deed Poll, GRC) please follow the normal Student Registry Helpdesk route via the change of name form.

 If you wish to change your name and gender and you do not have legal documentation you will need to contact the

Office of the Vice President for Equality and Diversity to discuss your options Aoife Cooke, Head of Equal Opportunities.

Aoife Cooke can be contacted confidentially:  or 091495408

Address Changes

Your term address you can be updated online via MyCampus

Your home address can be updated as follows;

  1. Call to the Student Registry Helpdesk front desk where one of the Helpdesk Staff will update your address change as you wait.
  2. Email  stating your ID number, your old address and your new address.