How to Start Using the Web CMS - Overview

First, Request Access

Staff do not automatically have access to the CMS - you must request it via the servicedesk, specifying what site (or part of the site) you need to edit (see instructions below).

Then, Choose and Configure Your Browser

By default most browsers have some 'helpful' features turned on, which just get in the way when you're using an dynamic web application, such as an online Web Content Management System.  So save yourself a lot of wasted time by configuring your browser to 'play nice' with the CMS (and any other online editor).  You'll only need to do this once, for every computer and browser you use - the browser will remember the settings (instructions below).

Note: There are a lot of browsers out there - some better than others for using an online CMS.
PC users should avoid using MS Internet Explorer for web editing - it doesn't follow the WWC standards, so some basic things just wont work correctly on it - and even when it does work, it's slower than other browsers.   Opera and Vivaldi (for Mac or PC) can be used but these browsers currently do not support bookmarklets fully - and we use these, quite a bit, to make editing sites even easier.

So I recommend you use either Chrome, Brave, or Firefox - all of which work well on both Mac and PC.  PC Users can also elect to use Edge.  Similarly, Mac users may choose to use Safari.

Get Familiar with the CMS

This is strongly recommended - even the most IT-savvy person will be confused by this system until they're shown around it.  But once you're shown, it's easy to use. 
So feel free to go through the training course while you're waiting to get a login.  It takes 3 hrs in total and is split into bite-sized segments so you can squeeze them into the time you can spare each day.  Just make sure you complete every segment, in the order in which they appear. 

If you were trained in person, years ago, find out what's new in the top-up training course (a subset of the full course, only covering what's new - 36-55 minutes of your time well spent!)

Finally, Log into T4 and Change your Password

How to get to the system is detailed below.
You will probably have been given a temporary password by ISS - this should be changed the first time you log into the CMS (instructions below).
If ISS granted you access but you were not told your initial password, simply use the 'Forgot Password' option, on the login screen, to gain access.  

How to Request Access

How to Configure Brave

How to Configure Chrome

How to Configure Firefox

How to configure MS Edge

How to Configure Safari

How to configure Vivaldi

Accessing Site Manager (on- or off-campus)

Changing your Initial Password