Dyslexia Screening

The Disability Support Service offers a screening service to determine whether a student may be at risk of a Specific Learning Difficulty/Dyslexia. This service runs during the summer and in semester two of the academic year. If you are experiencing significant difficulties with learning it may be a good idea contact the Disability Support Service to enquire about being screened. Please email disabilityservice@nuigalway.ie for more information.

The presence or absence of dyslexia can only be confirmed by an appropriately qualified psychologist. These screenings are designed to give an indication as to whether you should consider seeking a full assessment by an educational psychologist.


Please note:

  • The screening will not provide you with a diagnosis of specific learning difficulty/dyslexia.
  • If the screening indicates that you are in the at-risk category for a specific learning difficulty, you will then need to arrange for a full psycho-educational assessment.
  • You are required to pay for your full psycho-educational assessment.
  • NUI Galway provides access to literacy software (TextHelp Read&Write) for all students registered with the University. If your screening indicates that you are in the at-risk category for a specific learning difficulty or if you feel this software could help you, it is recommended that you click here to download TextHelp Read&Write to support you with your academic work.
  • The Disability Support Service can provide you with names and contact information of some Galway-based educational psychologists if you wish to arrange an assessment. Please contact disabiltyservice@nuigalway.ie for details.
  • You can find details of other providers of psycho-educational assessment at https://dyslexia.ie/assessment/


For useful information on dyslexia, please see the Dyslexia Association of Ireland website at https://www.dyslexia.ie/.