Reasonable Accommodations for Exams

Reasonable examination accommodations may be made for students because of their disability and are made on an individual basis. We recommend that you apply to the Disability Support Service (DSS) as soon as your course commences, to ensure that your exam accommodations are determined and in place for all exam sittings.

End of semester exam accommodations must be finalised in advance of the exams. Please check the dates below for details. Please note that students can still apply to the service after this date and their accommodations will be put in place for the next exam sitting.

The dates for finalising exam accommodations for the 2023/24 Academic Year are:

- Semester 1: Friday 29th of September 2023
- Semester 2: Monday 4th of March 2024 
- Summer Repeats: Friday 31st of May 2024 (tbc)

What are exam accommodations?

Exam accommodations are put in place:
• To ensure you are treated fairly and equitably in the examination process,
• To allow you compete on an equal footing with your peers,
• To allow you to demonstrate your true knowledge and competency.

Exam Accommodation Examples:
• Alternative Exam Venue
• Extra Time (10 mins per hour)
• SLD Sticker and Marking Guidelines

How do I avail of exam accommodations?

Your exam accommodations will be determined at your needs assessment meeting. NUI Galway uses the DAWN guidelines on granting reasonable accommodations.
Your examination accommodations will remain unchanged for the duration of your course unless you request a review meeting. The Disability Support Service can also review your examination accommodations if you do not use accommodations you have been granted.

Official End of Term Examinations

The Disability Support Service and the Examinations Office arrange exam accommodations for official, end-of-term, on-campus exams.

Please note: Exams that take place remotely are run as Departmental Exams. The reasonable accommodations recommended for a student registered with the Disability Support Service still apply for remote timed exams. Some recommended exam accommodations may not be needed for remote exams (e.g. venue). You should contact your lecturer to let them know you require reasonable accommodations for these exams.  

Departmental (In-House) Exams or Exams taking place remotely.

If you require exam accommodations in a departmental or in-house exam, you should contact your lecturer well in advance of the examination date. Please contact the relevant lecturer by email.

Exam Timetable and Venues

1. View your personal exam timetable here 
2. Always check the amendments for changes to the exam date, time or venue.
3. If you do not have a personal timetable, you need to contact the Student Registry Help Desk immediately and check if you are fully registered.
4. If an exam is missing from your timetable, contact your lecturer: it may be a departmental exam.
5. You will see the main examination venues when you logon to view your timetable.
6. If you have been allocated alternative exam venue you will be emailed details of the venue.
7. You will need to refer to your timetable to confirm dates and times.

Further Information

For further information on Examinations at NUI Galway, please refer to the Examinations Office website

For answers to frequently asked questions relating to reasonable accommodations for exams please see the Disability Support Service FAQ page.