Who is eligible to apply?

Undergraduate HEAR students, Access School Leavers and Access Mature students only. The fund is now closed.

To apply please ensure you have the following details:

You need to complete the application form. If registered under one of the eligibility categories above, you will receive funding.

Where do I apply?

The fund is now closed. 

Key considerations in making your application:

  • Students can only apply once per academic year to a fund.
  • If you submit more than one application to a fund, only your latest application will be retained and assessed; earlier applications to that fund are over-written.
  • By uploading incorrect or inaccurate documentation, your application may be rejected or delayed.
  • EU (including UK) students may apply to the Hardship/Emergency fund plus one other fund if eligible and relevant.

Fund-Specific FAQ's:

What documentation do I need to submit with my HEAR|Access Fund application?

Students do not need to submit any documentation other than the application form.

I was accepted into University as a HEAR|Access School Leaver/ Access Mature Student, what fund should I apply to and what are the criteria?

All undergraduate HEAR students and Access School Leavers and Access Mature students are eligible to apply to the HEAR |Access Fund. The only criterion is that you entered University under these listed access initiatives and you do not need to be means tested again. 

NOTE: This means you do not need to upload any additional documents with your online application.