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How do I apply?

The fund is now open for applications. Please apply here

Where can I get help and advice about the Financial Aid Fund?

Students who require assistance in completing their application are advised to contact the Financial Support Service. Contact details are available here.

What are typical errors that occur when filling in an application?

If you are not a registered student of University of Galway, you may not be able to access the FAF application forms. You must complete all questions in the application form.  If any question is not complete it will not save. Once it has been completed successfully you will receive an automated email. If you do not get a confirmation email (the email may have gone into your spam folder) please check the following and resubmit:

  • Make sure that you complete all questions in the application form. Do not leave any questions blank. If any question is not complete it will not save.  
  • “Household Income (annual)”, please choose one of the three income bands options in the Means Tested Fund. Do not put in your actual income or the form will not save
  • Questions not answered and left blank. Scroll back-up through your form after entering submit - are there any incomplete questions showing read text?
  • When you have saved your application successfully, you will receive an automated email advising you that your application has been received.  Please check your spam email address if you have not received this email
  • We can only process payments to Irish IBANS. Please ensure that your IBAN is included as 22 characters without any spaces.

The above errors will result in your application not being submitted and not being recorded. You will receive an email from the Financial Support Team advising you of the outcome of your application.

Can I appeal the decision?

You must complete the Financial Aid Fund - Decision Appeal form which you will find in the forms section when you login to Accommodation Advisory Service Connect.  

There are two grounds for appeal:

  • That you believe there was an “administrative error in assessment” i.e. that you think a mistake was made when your application was being reviewed that lead to you not being awarded funding or 
  • That you believe “insufficient weight was given to an aspect of your application” i.e. that all your circumstances were not taken into account when your application was being reviewed and/or that something important was not considered about your personal Please complete the form in full and outline your reasons for appealing this decision.   For example, please state why you believe insufficient weight was given to your application.

Having completed the online appeals form you will be contacted by staff in the Accommodation Advisory Service and invited for an interview to discuss your appeal

I am having difficulties submitting the form, where can I get help?

If you are still having difficulties please contact us, our contact details can be found here.

I have had a significant change in my household income in the last 12 months can I apply to any fund?

You may be eligible for one of the Emergency Hardship Funds. The purpose of these funds are to offer financial assistance to students who have had a significant life changing experience that has left them in financial crisis within the last 12 months. Chronic mental / physical illness, bereavement, and sudden unemployment of a parent / guardian or partner are some of the situations where students may be eligible for this fund. On-going low income does not, in and of itself, qualify you for the Emergency Hardship Fund. 

Applicants must complete the online application form and complete and upload a Budget Template.‌ Applicants will be invited to a meeting to discuss the change in circumstances with a member of staff. The contents of your application will be treated confidentially. You will be asked for documentation to show the impact of the change in your circumstances. The documentation should relate to the current academic year.

Can I apply to all the funds?

No. If you are a HEAR student or Access School leaver or Access mature student you must apply to HEAR | Access fund. All other EU students from low-income households should apply to the Means Tested Fund.

However, if you have applied to one of the above funds and you have experienced a significant life changing event then you can also apply to the Emergency Hardship fund.

I’m still confused and am not sure which fund to apply to. Can you help?

Yes, please check our chart at Guidelines on which Financial Aid Fund is most applicable to me. If you are still in doubt you can find our contact details here.

None of the above funds seem to apply to me, am I still eligible for funding?

We suggest that you read the eligibility criteria for each fund carefully. However if you are in financial difficulty and none of the funds above apply, you may still contact us to check your eligibility for alternative sources of funding or support.

I am having difficulty paying my fees, can I use these funds to assist with this?

No, the Financial Aid Fund cannot help students with the cost of fees or loans from this fund. However, if you contact our Fees Office they may be able to arrange a payment instalment plan for you. You will find further information at