Who is eligible to apply?

Irish and EU Students with a gross family income less than €46,790

HEAR, Access School Leaver and Access Mature students should apply to the HEAR|Access Fund instead (see here). 

To apply please ensure you have the following details:

As well as Bank account details please upload one of:

  • For Undergraduate students we require your most recent SUSI letter pages which must show your name, address and the "Assessed Reckonable Income". In the case of repeat students your SUSI letter from the previous year will suffice.
  • For Postgraduate students we require your most recent Statement of Liability (formerly P21) for your household’s income or preferably your SUSI documents if you receive SUSI.

We assess your application on gross income. Please note this does not mean the Assessed Reckonable Income as per the SUSI Letter. Gross Income includes Assessed Reckonable Income plus any income disregards by SUSI. This means that all household income shown on the document you upload is taken into consideration.

Where do I apply?

The fund is now open for applications. Please apply here

Key considerations in making your application:

  • Students can only apply once per academic year to a fund.
  • If you submit more than one application to a fund, only your latest application will be retained and assessed; earlier applications to that fund are probably over-written.
  • By uploading incorrect or inaccurate documentation, your application will be rejected or delayed.
  • EU (including UK) students may apply to the Emergency Hardship Fund plus one other fund if eligible and relevant.

Fund-Specific FAQ's:

What documentation do I need to submit with my Means Tested Fund application?

All applicants (Undergraduate and Postgraduate) should show their household income by submitting SUSI letters.
We understand that most Postgraduate students are supported by SUSI (either fees and/or maintenance). Where this is the case we expect you to upload your SUSI letter which shows your household income. We will only accept a Statement of Liability from Postgraduate students where they can show they have been refused by SUSI.

Will any SUSI letter suffice?

The SUSI letter or pages uploaded MUST show the household income (Assessed Reckonable Income) and the name of the recipient.  Please note that we consider ALL income on this document as relevant for your Financial Aid application. We do not discount any income, such as social welfare payments.

Where will I find that SUSI letter?

It should be on your initial offer letter from SUSI, on your SUSI portal, or you can contact SUSI for another copy of the letter that shows the household income.

Whose income is being assessed?

We assess gross household income. This means that everyone in the household's income is considered. If you are a dependent student (i.e. you were under 23 on 1st January of the year that you started your course) then you will need to provide your parents' / guardians' incomes. If you are an independent student (i.e. you were over 23 on 1st January of the year that you started your course and you live away from home) then you will need to provide your income and your spouse's / partner's income, if applicable.

SUSI already assesses the relevant incomes so an undergraduate student needn't worry about this and can just submit their SUSI documents. Postgraduate students will need to consider whose incomes need to be included and submit the appropriate ones

What is a Statement of Liability (formerly P21)?

A Statement of Liability is a statement of total income, tax credit and tax paid for a particular tax year.

How can I get my Statement of Liability (P21)?

There are several ways to get a Statement of Liability, you can:
Complete and return a Form 12 (pdf) to your district tax office.
Complete the online eForm 12 return in Revenue's myAccount Service.

How long does it take to get a Statement of Liability (P21)?

A Statement of Liability requested will be issued immediately and should be received within 4 to 5 days. A statement requested in writing, by phone or by calling into a local office will be sent to you as soon as possible.

How do I know if I am eligible to apply for the Means Tested Fund?

It is important to note that eligibility for support from the Means Tested Fund is based on a defined and appropriately documented income figure. The upper income limit for eligibility for the fund in 2023/2024 is €46,790. Please also note that this fund has a limited budget and will operate on a first-come, first-served basis, therefore once the funds have been exhausted the fund will close for the academic year. Early application is recommended.

I have refugee status. Can I still apply?

Once a student can produce a SUSI letter to support their documentation this confirms that they meet SUSI criteria.