Personal Protective Equipment

Personal protective equipment (PPE) includes such items as lab coats, gloves, safety footwear, safety glasses, safety helmets, respiratory protection etc. that individuals may wear to protect themselves against various hazards. 

The regulations and Health and Safety Authority regard the use of PPE as a “last resort” option i.e. that it be used as an ancillary option in conjunction with more robust control measures and may only be used as the primary means of protecting workers against risks in circumstances where, despite the application of all other reasonably practicable ways to eliminate, or reduce the risk, a significant residual risk still remains.   Where the use of PPE is contemplated as a primary way of limiting workers' exposure to a hazard, Unit managers must ensure that risk assessments have been carried out and that all other reasonably practicable means in accordance with the “General Principles of Prevention” to controlling personal exposure have been adopted.  Risk assessments must clearly indicate whenever the use of PPE is considered to be an essential requirement. 

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