For the safety of staff and postgraduates undertaking work out of hours, a policy has been developed to address the workplace and personal safety aspects of this.  Below is the introduction to the University's Out of Hours Policy & Procedure. The full policy is set out in the University of Galway Safety Statement and see Part 5, Out of Hours entry.

OUT-OF-HOURS Working Policy & Procedures

Staff or post-graduate student working out of hours have attendant risks to their health and safety and the University must provide access in such a manner as will minimise risks. The Out of Hours policy has been developed to balance the need for access with a reasonable system that provides for a safe environment for staff and complies also with working time legislation.

While it wishes to support the work of staff by all reasonable means possible, the University requires that out-of-hours work shall only be undertaken having due regard to the health, safety and personal security of the individuals concerned directly and indirectly.

Where work entails a risk of serious injury or fire, Heads of Units are required to prohibit staff/Post Graduate (PG) students from working alone.

Out-of-hours working must not substitute for work that can reasonably be carried on during normal working hours. However, for those many highly motivated staff who desire or need to work outside normal hours, compliance with these policies and procedures is essential in the interests of safety.

Out of Hours Form