MCQ Exam Service

The Remark based solution is a cloud-based self-service solution.  ISS do not process the exam scripts; the module owner (or their nominee) scans the completed answer sheets using any scanner - including the 100+ standard MFP printer/scanners in the University – and then processes the scanned answer sheets using the Remark software

Remark License

The Remark software is licensed on an annual subscription basis.  Each named user who wants access to the software consumes a license.  

Each named license holder can use the license to work with up to ten modules (called ‘classes’ in the software).  

There is an annual license contribution charge for each named user.   The license charge is applicable to all users whether they were a previous legacy user of the old MCQ service and/or were on the Remark pilot in 22/23.  

Users should not share logins.

Link to Remark MCQ Portal -


The solution is self-service.  Remark provide extension documentation on its website, including help guide and video tutorials.  ISS provide access to a more localised training video and video of the scanning process using University MFPs.  

Answer Sheets

There is a University standard template answer sheet.

The Exams office will provide the answer paper and an instruction sheet for use in official exams once the MCQ exam is booked through them.  

Copies of the answer sheet template is on the ISS MCQ SharePoint site and can also be printed off as required for trials of the process or local exams.  

Accessing the Software

To gain access to the service please log a ticket in the ISS ticketing system which has an MCQ category.