Before your online exam

Consult CELT information on supports for moving to online assessment during the COVID-19 crisis 

Check your Computer

  • Details of remote access to IT services for staff is available from the ISS website.
  • Staff are asked to self-log high-priority issues and requests at or by emailing
  • If it is not possible to self-log an issue, or to email, a message can be left on the voicemail service on the ISS Service Desk phone number (091) 495777 which will be checked periodically.

Anticipate Technical Problems

No matter how well-prepared you are, things can sometimes go wrong and given the challenge of running online exams, it’s best to decide on contingency plans well in advance.

  1. Advise students in advance how they should contact you if they experience technical difficulties on exam day.
  2. Where students are advised to contact you via email on exam day, ensure that you have an email address that is accessible by you and your nominated colleague(s) who will provide exam support.
  3. Have contingency plans in place for cases where a student:
    - cannot take part in their online exam due to technical difficulties
    - start their online exam extremely late or lose time during the exam due to technical difficulties
    - cannot submit their work at the end of the online exam due to technical difficulties.
  4. Ensure that you have an alternative method (such as mobile phone) of contacting nominated colleague(s) if you encounter technical issues on exam day.
  5. Signup to Information Solutions and Services Bulletin Notification eMail List. In the event that there is any issue with IT services, you will receive a bulletin via email. 

On Exam Day

Technical Issues on the day


Students are advised to notify their lecturer/module co-ordinator of technical difficulties as soon as you can, by sending an email with their student ID, details of the issue and if possible, include a screenshot of the error message.


  1. If you have advised students to contact you via email if they have any queries, ensure that you have access to that email for the duration of the exam.
  2. Staff are asked to self-log high-priority issues and requests at or by emailing