PC Suite Exam Service

General Access PC Suites are available to book for computer based examinations during term and for end of semester examinations.  For end of semester examinations please ensure you have informed the Examinations Office of these exams.  ISS do not manage bookings for Departmental Suites, for information on these suites please contact the Administrator of the School. 

How do I book an exam in a PC Suite?

If you wish to book a General Access PC Suite for a computer based exam please complete the online form 
For all bookings please check the time table to ensure the PC Suite is available to book for the required day and time.  Ensure the software you require is available in the suite you are booking.  Complete all fields in the form and press the submit button

What happens when I submit my request?

When you submit your request you will receive a confirmation email referencing a ticket number through our Service Desk ticketing system. The booking request will be processed and a booking confirmation email will be sent via the ticketing system.

How do I request exam accounts?

If you require exam accounts, please login to the Service Desk Ticketing system, open your ticket and upload an excel sheet containing the student ID numbers and names.  Exam accounts will be generated and sent to you, for end of semester exams the exam accounts will be sent to the Examinations Office.

I require specialist software for the exam?

It is your responsibility to ensure the software required for the examination is available in the suite at the time of booking.   If a specific tool or functionality within the software is required for the examination a nominated member of staff will be required to demonstrate and test this software one week prior to the exam.  Any problems with software required will be escalated as priority to the Research /Architecture team for resolution before exam commencement.

Is internet access available during the exam?

No, by default internet access is unavailable during the exam, if you require internet access please indicate this on the form.

Are the PCs checked before the exam?

In advance of the exam date all PCs will be checked to ensure they are fully operational.  For end of Semester examinations the PC suite will close one hour before the start time to ensure all PCs and Printers are fully operational. 

Will ISS personnel be present during the exam?

A member of ISS PC Suites team will be on call during the exam period to help resolve any PC related issues. This call should be made via the Examinations Office.

What happens to the exam accounts after the exam?

After the exam all accounts are disabled immediately. The data saved in all exam accounts will be copied and given to the lecturer for correction.