Academic writing

Academic writing style

Analysing the essay question

Structuring your essay

What is a paragraph?

Linking ideas together

Introductions and conclusions

Proof-reading and editing

Planning to write an essay

Writing Resources: Academic Writing Centre (AWC)

Writing Resources: from the web

Effective reading & note-making

Reading academic texts

SQ3R: Survey, Question, Read, Recite, Revision


Referencing & avoiding plagiarism

Research at the James Hardiman library

Quotations and your bibliography

Effective revision & study skills

Studying for exams


Planning to write an essay

Improve your memory

How to study

Getting organized

Collaborative working

Time management

Research skills & information literacy

Literature review

Dissertations & theses structure

Research at the James Hardiman library

College-specific academic supports

University of Galway School of Chemistry- Video Labs

University of Galway School of Natural Sciences - Writing for the referee

University of Galway School of Nursing & Midwifery Launchpad

Presenting your research

Reading scientific papers- tips from the web

Writing for science- tips from the web

Critical & reflective thinking

Become a critical thinker

Critical and reflective thinking

Honing critical thinking skills

Confidence with numbers

Collaborative working

Computer literacy & ICT skills

IT support and skills

Beginners IT

Communication - public speaking, presentations


Collaborative working

Presenting your research

Design tips for research posters