FAO: Heads of Units/Safety Co-ordinators

1 hour Unit Safety Briefings are held for Unit Heads and Safety Co-ordinators to cover the safety priorities listed below.  The objective of this training is provide you with the essential information and practical actions on these priority safety topics as well as an opportunity to network with other Heads of Unit and Safety Co-ordinators.

These 1 hour briefings are held as required. The table below gives the registration link(s) for the next briefing(s).  Where the briefings have already been held the handouts are linked. 

Click LINK below to Register - Ext. 3513 for registration queries.
Jan 2018
Unit Safety Statement Policy 2018 & Head Self-Assessment Form
Latest Handouts (1)
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Dec 2015  
Nov 2014 Unit Safety Statement Plan:
Apr 2016 Unit Staff Involvement in Safety
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Mar 2016 Accident Reporting, Investigation and Learning
May 2015 Latest Handouts (2) Feedback
Apr 2015 Unit Safety Reviews, Internal Audits:
2015 Unit Safety Reviews, Internal Audits Summary
2015 Unit Safety Reviews, Internal Audits Slides
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Feb 2015 Safety Training - Unit Management:
2015 Safety Training - Unit Management Summary
2015 Safety Training - Unit Management Slides
  See Safety Training Webpage
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Dec 2014        
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