PEMAC Care is the online safety management system used by NUI Galway.  It is to assist Units in local safety management.  PEMAC Care has various modules.  Those currently used are the Risk Assessment and Audit modules.  The Incident module is in development.

PEMAC Care enables NUI Galway’s Units to maintain key safety management information (risk assessments, audits and later accident reports).  It also provides Units with standard methods of producing such safety documentation and facilitates the reporting/tracking/alerting of issues to key Unit safety personnel.  All of this will ensure a higher standard of safety management in each Unit of NUI Galway.  For further details on the Risk Assessment and Audit modules and who will be using PEMAC Care in the Units see the PEMAC FAQs.

For those Unit staff authorised to use PEMAC Care this is the link to PEMAC Care TEST the site on which you will first practice.  Once proficient in its use please contact to request to be set-up on PEMAC Care LIVE.                                                            

In using PEMAC Care for risk assessments please refer to Part 3 of the NUI Galway Safety Statement.