Radon Monitoring
Radon is a naturally occurring radioactive gas; it is colourless, odourless and tasteless and can only be measured using specific equipment.  Radon can sometimes accumulate indoors to unacceptable high concentrations and in such circumstances can increase the risk of lung cancer.

The Health and Safety Office undertakes to measure radon gas levels in the workplace, according to the Radiological Protection Act, 1991, Ionising Radiation Order, 2000. Basement and ground-floor work spaces are monitored for radon gas and the results are relayed to the occupants, Head of Unit and to Buildings & Estates. If the gas level is above the workplace threshold then the risk is assessed and where necessary appropriate work is arranged by Buildings & Estates to reduce it. The university’s policy on radon in the workplace is available in the NUI Galway Safety Statement Part 5.
The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) website provides further detailed information on radon in the workplace.