Curriculum Management (Akari Document)

‌‌Akari Document is a web based Curriculum Management Application. It enables University of Galway to design/re-design, approve, review, publish and resource Modules, Subjects, Groups and Course Streams in compliance with national quality standards.

 The core component of Curriculum Management (Akari Document) allows for the specification of all aspects of Modules and Programmes including learning outcomes, module content, reading lists, and learning resources.

 Curriculum Management Service:

  • provides the University with a facility to streamline the process of gathering and managing modules/subjects/programmed data.
  • facilitates the approval of data using electronic work-flow
  • allows teaching and lecturing staff gather and load information in a managed, structured and supervised format with much less effort than previous manual paper based methods
  • complies with national qualifications frameworks and ECTS regulations
  • integrates with existing University of Galway systems, primarily Ellucian Quercus+ . This allows approved versions of the information to be published to Quercus and Blackboard. (potentially extending to Library, Website and class scheduling etc. in stage 2)

How to access this service?

Click Akari Document to access the service. Accounts are automatically provisioned on the site, use your Campus Account credentials to login. 


There are three types of support channels for this service depending on the issue/request. However, please visit the Curriculum Management FAQ page before logging a support request. 

  1.  Technical Issues

All Technical issues such as account creation, access to service and performance issues should be directed to the Service Desk.  

2.  Curriculum Issues

Curriculum/Syllabus support queries, issues and requests should be directed to the Syllabus Team in Academic Records. Please visit the Akari Helpdesk or email Syllabus Team at


Issues with adding instructors should be directed to CELT.