Secure Download Manager

In order to download some software from DreamSpark, you must install the Secure Download Manager.  This must only be done once for each computer on which you install software. 

How do I install the Secure Download Manager?

Steps to follow

  1. Login to the University of Galway DreamSpark website at:

  2. Choose step 1 ’Download the Secure Download Manager’ from the ’4 Easy Steps’ to get your software.Secure Download Manager: 1
  3. When prompted, select ’Run’. Secure Download Manager: 7
  4. You will now be redirected to the Windows Installer, choose ’Next’.Secure Download Manager: 2
  5. Review the License Agreement, select ’Agree’ and ’Next’.Secure Download Manager: 3
  6. Select installation folder, ’Next’. Secure Download Manager: 4
  7. The Secure Download Manager will now be installed.Secure Download Manager: 5
  8. Installation is now complete, select ’Close’.Secure Download Manager:  6