This electronic version of the Ó Dónaill Foclóir Gaeilge-Béarla is specifically designed for use with the Microsoft Windows operating system from the publisher, An Gúm. The disc contains all the headwords in the original dictionary and 25% of the sample sentences as well as some additional material. A comprehensive grammatical guide is linked to each headword. The application includes Irish-English, English-Irish and wild card search functions to help you find the word you need.

Does University of Galway have a site licence for WinGléacht software? 

University of Galway has a site license for WinGléacht. This agreement only applies to staff of the University of Galway and/or PCs located on campus with work-at-home rights for University of Galway Staff members. It does not cover PCs owned privately by students.  

Please Note

All licensed software is permitted for use only while the user is a registered student of NUI Galway or a member of staff

How can I access WinGléacht software for my computer?

Click here to check availability in the PC Suites. WinGléacht is available for purchase at the Student' Union Bookstore 
(Location: Basement, Arts/Science Building. Tel 091 525318). 
WinGléacht can be installed via the University's Software Self Service application Zenworks. Please contact the Service Desk to access installation under the category 15. Software ->Request -> Other.


Yes No No

Can I install on my Home Computer

Yes, for NUI Galway Staff members only.  The installation CD is available from the Service Desk.

Where can I get technical support

Installation instructions can be found here: WinGléacht installation documentation