Cynthia’s research interests are focused on harnessing the basic biology of adult progenitor cells to understand the aetiology of pathology and to develop novel therapeutics.  Her active research investigations include  

  • Examining the aetiology of diabetes-induced osteopathy 
  • Applying adult human marrow-derived mesenchymal stem cells to repair long bone fractures 
  • Identifying the impact of sex on mesenchymal stem cell capacity  
  • Investigating the efficacy of coral as a bone graph substitute 

These investigations are conducted in collaboration with domestic and international academic and industrial partners, the orthopaedic surgery team at Galway University Hospitals and Diabetes Ireland. This research programme has resulted in several original data publications, establishment of two new in vivo models to investigate bone formation and repair, the creation of a highly sensitive, high-throughput regulatory body approved methodology to detect the biodistribution of therapeutic progenitor cells and the establishment of a biobank to support current and future research investigations. Cynthia’s research has been funded by the Health Research Board, the European Union, Enterprise Ireland and Diabetes Ireland. 

Please see here for research publications.



  • European Commission
  • Health Research Board (HRB)
  • Enterprise Ireland (EI)