Strontium isotope evidence of mobility in the Burren region, western Ireland.

Excavation of the Parknabinnia court tomb (Cl. 153) produced the remains of at least twenty Neolithic people who were interred in the tomb between c. 3690-3375 BC and c. 2905-2620 BC. This project is using isotopic analyses to investigate the possible role that mobility may have played in the lives of these people. 


Carleton Jones (NUI Galway)

Christophe Snoeck (Vrije Universiteit Brussel)

Rick Schulting (University of Oxford)

Research_Parknabinnia_excavation_Small A portion of bone deposit under excavation.
Research_Parknabinnia_isotope_small One of the Parknabinnia molars used for isotopic analysis.

Related Publications

Snoeck, C., R. Schulting, C. Jones, J. Lee-Thorp, J. Pouncett, N. Mattielli, M. Lebon, A. Zazzo (forthcoming) The Parknabinnia People Project: Strontium isotope evidence of mobility in the Burren Region, western Ireland.