How do I attach a receipt to my claim?

To attach the scanned/photographed receipt (previously saved on your PC), please click on the paperclip icon on the top right hand corner of the screen.

Attach Receipt

This will bring up a pop up window. Click on the Add a Document box.

Add Document

Browse to where the document or photo is stored on your PC and upload it using the UPLOAD 

Please note that the maximum size of your electronic receipt is 2MB

I'm getting an error message when I try to attach a receipt

Please check the size of your electronic receipt. You may need to resize it if it is greater than 2Mb.

My claim is for subsistence or kilometres only. I have no receipts. What do I do?

Receipts are not required when claiming subsistence or kilometers only.

How do I attach or retrieve a receipt at any stage of the process?

To find your claim: Click on "Time and Expenses" -> "Travel Expenses" (Same screen where you enter a claim)

At the bottom of the screen click "Open"

View Receipt

This will bring up a value lookup box.  Close the box.

Value Lookup Box

Enter the transaction number and tab.

Transaction Number

At this stage you can attach the receipt as outlined on the FAQ above "How do I attach a receipt to my claim"

How do I approve an electronic claim?

Review and approve an electronic claim

Select the claim as normal

You may notice that the paper clip has turned dark blue to indicate that there is a scanned receipt attached.  

 When you click on the paper clip the receipts will display. Please ensure they are legible and complete.