How can I change incorrect details for my staff record?

  • All computing services are provided to Permanent and fixed-term contract staff with regard to their status with HR.
  • All computing services are provided to Hourly Paid employees with regard to their status with HR.
  • All computing services are provided to Visitors or Temporary users are assigned by ISS. 

How can I change my name?

If you wish to change your name, you need to contact the relevant department i.e. HR or ISS (as shown above).

Does a name change impact my Staff University of Galway email address?

Following a name change with HR/ISS, the staff email address will be changed subject to your approval, based on your first name, initial, and surname (with the exception of just adding/removing síne fadas) changes.

Following a name change,  you will receive an automated email outlining the proposed new email address. Once received you can accept or reject the change by following the steps below;

If this change is acceptable, the staff member should contact the Service Desk to confirm the change. 
Not Acceptable

If this change is not acceptable, the staff member must take the following actions within 28 days: