COVID-19 Update

From 6th Sep 2021, all General Access PC suites will be open with no social distancing, for booked classes, labs and other supervised sessions.

General Access Suites

Information Solutions and Services manages both General Access and Departmental suites. Users of both types of suite must abide by the University’s Code of Conduct,  ICT Regulations and PC Suite Etiquette.

General Access PC Suites are available for use by all registered staff and students. Login to these computers is through your Campus Account. Class bookings are published online and timetables are posted on the door of each PC Suite.

All PC Suites contain standard software applications and some suites have specialist applications, a software search facility is available for both General Access and Departmental Suites.

All PC Suites have printing facilities, more information on printing can be found here

To request software for a PC Suite, please log a ticket under the category PC Suite -> Software  -> Request - In order to process your request you must include the following information (missing information will delay your request):

  1. Contact Name and Staff ID Number (if not the submitter of the form)
  2. Is your request for - New Software; Update for existing software; or Extend existing software to additional suites
  3. What Duration Software is required for - One Semester; One Academic Year; Ongoing; or Once off Course/Conference
  4. PC Suite Name
  5. Software Name, Version, Supplier and Operating System Requirement
  6. Download Address (URL)
  7. Number of Students
  8. Cost of Software
  9. Is funding available for the cost of the Software
  10. Licensing information

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PC Suite List

You can find a list of PC Suite timetables here