What is the G: Drive?

The G:Drive is an area of file storage on the campus network which is made available to researchers to facilitate distribution of files. 

  • Note: If staff wish to share files in a collaborative way with other staff, it is recommended that the M:Drive is used.

Additional Information

Why might I use the G: Drive?

Using the G: Drive can simplify the distribution of files for collaborating researchers. Files placed onto the G: Drive can be read and copied but not modified or deleted. 

How do researchers request access to write to the G:Drive?

Contact the Service Desk to log a support ticket for write access to the G:Drive (please specify the folder name). Please note that students will not be granted write access to G Drive folder.

How do I access the G: Drive in the PC Suites?

To access the G: Drive in the PC Suites, double-click the G: Drive icon in the main Novell-delivered Applications window (NAL). An Explorer window displaying the G:Drive contents will open and drive G: on your computer will be mapped to the

How do researchers access the G:Drive from their desktop computer?

Researchers who have access to the G:Drive should auto-connect once logged in with their campus account credentials. 


OneDrive is Microsoft's storage service for hosting files in the "cloud." It is available for free to all staff and students through their NUI Galway Office 365 account. OneDrive offers users a simple way to store, sync and share various types of files, with other people and devices on the internet.  You will receive 1TB of storage through OneDrive.

Note:  Access to your Office 365 account is disabled once you are no longer a registered student or staff member in NUI Galway.

For further information on OneDrive and other Office 365 Apps visit our Office 365 pages.