The ABAQUS suite of software for Finite Element Analysis (FEA) has the ability to solve a wide variety of simulations and is designed primarily to model the behaviour of solids and structures under externally applied loading.

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Please Note

All licensed software is permitted for use only while the user is a registered student of the University of Galway or a member of staff

How can I access ABAQUS software for my computer?

Click here to check availability in the PC Suites. ABAQUS offer a student edition – available to download ABAQUS can be installed via the University's Software Self Service application Zenworks. Please contact the Service Desk to access installation under the category 15. Software ->Request -> Other.

Installation Information 
To install software on your machine you must be login as an administrator 
System Requirements for Abaqus
Abaqus 6.8 Installation Instructions


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Does University of Galway Have a Site Licence For ABAQUS Software?

No. University of Galway has a limited amount of ABAQUS licenses available for on-campus use only. Licenses are distributed by a network server. In the Finnegan PC Suite, an ABAQUS Academic Teaching license is available (to a maximum of 80 users). Elsewhere, across campus, an ABAQUS Academic Research license is available (to a maximum of 6 CAE tokens and 60 Analysis tokens – 5 Analysis tokens per CPU are required to run ABAQUS so the Academic Research license allow for approx. 12 concurrent users).

Can I install on my Home Computer

No. Licences must be purchased - details available at http://www.simulia.com/

Where can I get technical support

Technical support is available online

Online community site www.simulia.com/rhs