Support Services

Hardware Monitoring

Information Solutions and Services will only monitor virtual hardware server status events on production servers. Test servers will not be monitored by Information Solutions and Services.  This level of monitoring is provided as standard.

Storage Provisioning 

Storage can be added to an existing virtual server already attached to the SAN. The space will be made available and left un-configured to the operating system.  Configuration of this additional space is the responsibility of the Customer.  To request additional storage, open a ticket with the Service Desk.

Data Backup 

Each virtual machine is backed up on a weekly basis.  

Veeam Enterprise Backup and Replication software is installed on each virtual server by default and is configured to talk to the University of Galway backup environment.

Status reporting 

Standard System reports (Uptime of Server) can be provided by Information Solutions and Services operation team on request. Reports are only provided for production servers.


Anti-virus EPO agent and McAfee is installed on all Windows Servers. All directories and files are scanned by default.

Firewall Ports 

The following diagram shows the open ports for virtual servers hosted on the DMZ. If you require additional ports to be open, raise a Service Request ticket.


Out of Scope Services

Virtual Server and Storage Provisioning Overview