Monthly paid staff may use the NUI Galway Net Pay Calculator to calculate an estimate of your net pay on a month one basis. 

  1. Check your latest payslip so you can ensure you have entered all your details on the calculator. Your new tax details are available to view on Core: ESS Time & Pay or view or tax credit certificate on Revenue's online service at "My Account".
  2. Then amend what you want to calculate as follows:
  • New working hours per week
  • Shorter working year and spreading the pay over 12 months (please be aware that your PRSI and Pension deductions may be higher in the particular month your shorter working year relates to as you are not entitled to PRSI weeks when you do not work a week. Reduced PRSI weeks may affect PRSI and Pension deductions)
  • New salary
  • Availing of a new deduction and wish to see the impact on your net pay