Payroll Deadlines

Weekly payroll

11.00 am Monday, all timesheets to be received by this time. 

Monthly Payroll

Employee requests to payroll for amendments for the current month to be received by the 10th of the month

Employees Paid on Timesheet

New Employee Set Up Forms (including Guest Lecturer/Speakers and Campus Visitor forms for set up by payroll) must be received by the 6th of the month to receive their payroll ID number before the timesheet deadline of the 10th. (If there is any information omitted or incorrect on the form it will be returned and may miss the deadline)

Employee Timesheets/Forms must be approved and emailed by 5.00 pm on the 10th of the month, however if the 10th falls on the weekend the timesheet must be submitted before this date to be included in the current payroll run.

December Deadline – dates will be earlier & notified in November

December 2020 Deadlines: 

New Hourly Paid Employee Set Up Forms to be received by 30th November.                         

Hourly Paid Timesheets to be approved and emailed by the 3rd December.