Email Printing

Email printing is the ability to submit a print job by attaching a document to an email. The email is then sent to one of two email addresses (Black & White or Colour).

What do I need to use email printing?

You must submit your print email from an University of Galway email account. It can be submitted from a PC, either on-campus or off-campus. You can also submit email print jobs from any mobile device, such as laptop, iPhone, Android phones, iPads etc. The only requirement is that you are logged into your NUI Galway email account.

How do I print using email printing? 

Do the following:

  • Log into your University of Galway email account
  • Create an email
  • Attach the document you wish to print (see below for a list of document types which can be printed)
  • Send it to one of the following email addresses:
    • (for monochrome printing)
    • (for colour printing)
    • (for double-sided monochrome printing)
    • (for double-sided colour printing)
  • Release your print job at any Print Release Station - see campus map on the NUIG Mobile App for printer locations.

What documents can I print with email printing? 

You can print the following document types:

  • Microsoft Office documents (Word, Excel & Powerpoint)
  • Openoffice (Doc, Spreadsheet & Presentation)
  • PDF

Features & Restrictions

  • Apple image files have a filetype = JPEG. These cannot be printed
  • A 17MB attachment limit applies to these documents
  • If your email signature contains any graphics, such as the college logo, the print server will also see this as an attached document and submit it for printing. This occurs when the image size is greater than 6 kilobytes in size. You can, of course, choose not to print it when releasing the document you wish to print
  • All document will be printed single-sided (simplex)