Conferencing Services

One of the many benefits of the new digital telephony system is the ability to use Conference Bridges from a standard handset. They can also be used from dedicated conference phones usually found in large meeting rooms. University staff can now avail of three separate dedicated Conference Bridges or Lines. This feature is available to all staff at no additional cost. 

A Conference Bridge simply allows University staff host conference calls with internal and external colleagues without needing to avail of external Call Conferencing services.  

Request a Conference Bridge 

To request a Conference Bridge, please visit the ISS Service Desk Ticketing system, select the following ticket category and fill in as much detail as possible, including Subject, Start and End Time. You don't need to include call participants. 

Our Service Desk technicians will schedule the Conference Call and send an Outlook calendar item with all the details, including the PIN to join the call. The calendar item will begin 10 mins before Start Time and it will end 30 mins after the requested End Time. This is to ensure that the conference call won't be disconnected if the meeting continues longer than planned. Requestors (are called Moderators) forward this calendar item to all participants of the conference call. 

 Using the Conference Bridge 

  1.  The participant dials one of the following numbers   
      • Internal: 1090  
  • External: 091500490  
  1. The participant will be prompted to “Enter Meeting ID followed by the # sign” 
  2. The participant will be prompted to “Enter the Meeting PIN followed by the # sign” 
  3. The participant will be placed in a waiting room and will hear the message “If you are the Moderator, press *1 now” 
  4. If the participant is the Moderator, he/she presses *1 and enters the Moderator PIN  
  5. As soon as the moderator PIN is entered, the hold music stops playing, and the conference begins