General Telephone Instructions

All of the features described below may not be available at particular extensions. For specific model FAQ's click on your phone model below. If there is a particular telephone facility you require or if you have any queries please contact the Service Desk.

How to Request a Phone Line

If you require a new landline you should open a ticket via the Service Desk under the request type "12. Telephone Services > Landline Services > Request New Phone Line".

Ensure that you have the following details filled in:

  • Alternative contact number 
  • Department/Unit
  • Budget code 
  • Room Number 
  • Building 
  • Wall box number
  • Call type (Internal numbers, National numbers, Mobile numbers International numbers) 

There is a charge of €8 per month per handset (fair usage applies), this will be charged retrospectively on a monthly basis. You must get budget holder approval in the email form and attach it to the service request ticket in the Service Desk ticketing system.

The number and password for the phone are then created by our telecoms partner.

Following this request, ISS will visit your office in the following days to provide you with a phone and a connection. 

Microsoft Teams Integration

This service enables calls to flow between your University extension on the University phone system and your Microsoft Teams client. You can also make calls from your Microsoft Teams client to landlines, mobiles and other University extensions. 

To facilitate remote working, Information Solutions and Services are currently piloting this service with some Units across the University. Learn more about Microsoft Teams Integration.


Voicemail Access

You can access voicemail by dialing 7777 or by pressing the message button on the J169/J179 models.

Voicemail Setup
  1. Call voicemail (7777)
  2. Enter password
  3. First, choose:
    • Menu option – 5 (Personal options)
  4. Then choose:
    • Menu option – 5 (Record Name)
    • Once recorded press 1 to hear the recording
  5. If happy with your recording Press # to save
    • If you want to rerecord Press 1
    • To save press #
  6. Hang up

How do I access my voicemail from a different phone? 

  • Call 091-497777
  • Enter your extension number
  • Enter your password

If you are on campus but at a different extension then dial 9 first.

External Lines

Dial 9 before the number when making an external call.


Dial 0 to contact University Operator.

How do I Change a Phone's Display Name?

If you require a landline display name change you should open a ticket via the ISS Service Desk under the request type "12. Telephone Services > Landline Services > Change display name".

You should provide the extension number and the new name you wish to be displayed.

Making an Emergency call

Dial the emergency number (112 or 999) using the dial pad.

Moving office

Please submit an application for the office move found here.

If moving within the same department

  • Bring existing phone with you (as extension number is associated with you and phone charges go to your department's cost centre)

Moving to another department:

  • Work through your new department for advice on what to do and if needed submit a ticket for a new “line request”

You will then need to submit a ticket to the ISS Service Desk under the request type "12. Telephone Services > Landline services > Moving Phone",  and supply: the old wall box, the new wall box number, MAC address, old building name, new building name and extension number. 

How to request a conference bridge 

Please see information on our Conferencing web page


Extensions may be pre-programmed to hunt automatically to any other extension when the original extension is either busy or unattended.

Call Forwarding

From your phone: Please check model FAQs below for call forwarding options. 

Remotely: If you are not on campus, you can request your extension to be forwarded to another extension, landline or mobile number by submitting a ticket to the ISS Service Desk under the request type 12. Telephone Services > Landline Services > Other  and include your extension number and the number that you wish to forward calls to.

Call Pick-Up

Where a number of telephone extensions are located in the same area an extension ringing in the area can be intercepted by any number of a group by pressing the Call Pick-up softkey. The second button on the left-hand side of the screen (J169/J179).

MAC Address Location

  • Turn the phone upside down
  • In the bottom left of the phone, there is a sticker, here you can find the phone model and MAC address‌

MaC address location for the new phone system

FAQ's for your model

FAQ's for your model can be found by clicking on your phone's model below. The J169 and J179 both have large screens on the front, the only difference between these two phones is that the J179 has a colour screen. The J129 has a smaller screen and has fewer features than the J169/J179.