This service enables calls to flow between your University extension on the University phone system and your Microsoft Teams client. You can also make calls from your Microsoft Teams client to landlines, mobiles and other University extensions. 

To facilitate remote working, Information Solutions and Services are currently piloting this service with some Units across the University. 

Download Microsoft Teams

To download the Microsoft Teams app for desktop/laptop/mobile go to the following link:

When you first login to Microsoft Teams you will need to enter your University Microsoft 365 credentials (e.g.

How to Make a Call in Microsoft Teams

1. Open your Microsoft Teams Client

2. Select the Calls button in Teams

3. Click on the “Dial a Number” button to bring up the keypad

4. Enter the number you want to dial and click the “Call button”

Note:     Your extension number will be displayed in the “Your number” field.

You do not have to dial a 9 for an outside line.

Teams will use the speaker and microphone settings which are configured on the client.

To dial an internal University extension, dial the four-digit extension (e.g. 5777).

How to Answer a Call on Teams

  1. When you receive an incoming call to your extension through Teams click on the Accept or Decline button as appropriate


  • Accept is the blue button
  • Reject is the red button
  • You will need a headset or built-in microphone and speaker to hear and talk to the caller

How to Access Voicemail

  1. Dial 7777
  2. When prompted enter your extension number (e.g. 1234) and press # (Hash)
  3. When prompted enter your password
  4. Follow instructions to pick up voice mail or change greetings

Note: when you dial 7777 the number will be automatically pre-pended with +353 91 49

You can also check your voicemail from any landline/mobile phone by calling 091 49 7777 and following the phone menu instructions.

How to place a call on hold

1. During an active call, click on the three dots in the right-hand side of Teams and select “Hold”

Note: Callers will hear music while on hold.

2. To resume the call, click on the “Resume” button

Note: You will see a display in Teams which indicates that the call is on hold and duration of the hold.

How to Transfer a call

1. During a call, click on the three dots in the right had corner of Teams and select either “Transfer” or “Consult then Transfer"


  • “Transfer” will immediately transfer the call to another extension.
  • “Consult then transfer” will allow you to speak to the number you are transferring the call to before you transfer the call.

Enter and select the number/extension you want to transfer the call to and click the “Transfer” button

Note: On successful transfer the call will drop from your Teams client and will be connected to the number you have transferred the call to.

Further support

Further support collateral is available from the Microsoft Support webpages on Making and Managing Calls in Teams.

You can also log a ticket with the ISS Service Desk for assistance.