Form for External Examiners


Amended Form V3 - 08/06/2023   External Examiner Form


Please review the information here on what is required for payroll to process payments for tax resident and non-tax resident external examiners.

Please complete the External Examiner Form to be set up on payroll with a Payroll ID number and for processing your payment.

If you already have a payroll ID number from a previous payroll payment you must enter this number on the form under "Required information before you complete steps 1 & 2". You can then skip Step 1 if your personal details have not changed since your last payment.

Reimbursement of travel and subsistence expenses incurred for travelling to the University of Galway must be in line with the University’s travel policy such as QA226 Policies and Procedures for Payment of External Examiners and is allowable tax-free for campus visitors. External examiners must return all receipts to All receipts must be retained by the approver for auditing purposes.

External Examiners website here.

Payroll Deadlines & Payment Dates

Payroll Deadlines

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