External Programme Reviewers


Quality Programme Reviewer Form    Amended Form V1 - 08/06/2023


Quality programme reviews are carried out locally by academic units e.g. Schools, in line with QA006 Review of Taught Programmes.  The relevant Programme Board through the Programme Director is responsible for the selection of an independent expert reviewer that must meet the selection criteria for that of an External Examiner (ref QA005 Role of External Examiners - Taught Programmes). 

Current External Examiners normally spend an additional day on campus to review programmes following the annual External Examiners meeting where s/he will meet with a representative selection of staff and students or other stakeholders of the programme.  This helps inform the Programme Quality Review Report.

If the Quality Programme Reviewer is not the External Examiner then the fee must be paid from the relevant school budget. While the fee amount is at the discretion of the School based on the level of work involved, it is recommended that the fee is in line with the external examiner visiting fee of €250 per day (ref QA226 - Policies and Procedures for Payment of External Examiner Expenses). The fee should be agreed locally and authorised by the Budget Holder before the Programme Reviewer is invited to carry out this work.

Reimbursement of travel and subsistence expenses incurred for travelling to University of Galway must be in line with ref QA304 Travel & Subsistence - University Visitors and is allowable tax-free for campus visitors.

Quality Programme Reviewers must return receipts to the Programme Director in order to process payment through the School budget where all receipts must be retained by the approver for auditing purposes.


Quality - Other Types of Reviewers

Quality Reviewers are independent peer reviewers who assess the quality of a Unit, a School or Programme and issue recommendations for quality improvements through a Review Report.

Payments of fees and expenses to other types of Quality Reviewers employed by the University under the following policies are processed through the Quality Office:

QA003 Review of Schools
QA004 Review of Research Performance
QA009 Review of Linked Providers 
QA013 Review of Services