Achieving nearly zero energy buildings - A life cycle assessment approach to retrofitting existing buildings

Key Information:

Start of the project: 1/9/2014

End of project: 31/08/2019

Source of Funding: Science Foundation of Ireland 



The overall goal of nZEB-RETROFIT project was to examine the effectiveness of innovative building structural elements and systems, regarding their structural, environmental and energy performance in retrofitting of existing buildings. This will be done with the aim of facilitating the emergence of products and tools for the development of high performance retrofitted buildings in respect of sustainable development, in terms of design, consumption, building methods, materials, energy efficiency, costs and user comfort.


The objectives of the project included the:

  • Development of innovative technologies and systems for prefabricated façade elements for the building retrofit;
  • Evaluation of the influence of advanced retrofit technologies on indoor environments, including health, safety and comfort of building occupants;
  • Development of a standards-driven, systematic Building Information Modelling (BIM) approach to building retrofitting, with a holistic package of solutions for Ireland;
  • Methodical assessment of Irish buildings from a lifecycle energy consumption and greenhouse gases emissions perspective; 
  • Development of socio-technical innovations and action plans for more sustainable buildings, primarily focussed on behavioural change of building users.

People Involved:

Jamie Goggins, Magdalena Hajdukiewicz, Richard Manton, Paul Moran, Sheikh Zuhaib, Turya Ganguly, Marcus Keane, Henrike Rau, María López Zambrano, Ahmed, Abdeen Saleem, Orlaith McGinley,