Green Public Procurement Toolkit

Identification of Effective State-of-the-Art Green Public Procurement Policy and Practice for the Irish Public Sector (GAPS)

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This project is funded under the EPA Research Programme 2021-2030 (Grant No. 2021-GCE-1066). The EPA Research Programme is a Government of Ireland initiative funded by the Department of the Environment, Climate and Communications.


University of Galway, South East Energy Agency (SEEA), Climate Action Regional Office(CARO)


Green public procurement (GPP) is a process in which public authorities seek to source goods, services or works with a reduced environmental impact. The Irish Government spends about €9 billion on goods and services annually (12% of GDP) and has enormous potential to reduce emissions and protect our environment, saving money over the full life cycle of goods and services and leading by example. 

This research strategically partners with South East Energy Agency and Climate Action Regional Office and builds a living bank of state of the art knowledge on GPP policy and practice, the successes, the barriers, the quick wins and where policy and practice in Ireland should focus. Recent EU directives enhance the existing possibilities under the 2014 directives for GPP and provide greater clarity in several areas. Best EU practice categorises GPP case studies related to purchases/services and looks beyond the EPA focus in Green Procurement – Guidance for the Public Sector.  

Using discourse based approaches (DBA) we explore GPP policy and practice with procuring professionals and identify solutions. These approaches engender deep participation and foster a cascade of reflection and thought on GPP policy and practice allowing inter-disciplinary investigation and consensus dialogue.  

Based on the DBA we develop and test a pilot GPP toolkit in live situations future proofing it for use in our public sector. Testing will enable identification of issues and solutions. Issues that arise may include inter alia regulatory, policy, process, cultural, behavioural, and market characteristics. Reasons for, and solutions to, GPP inertia in Ireland will be identified.  This research delivers a GPP toolkit capable of catalysing GPP going forward.


  • To build a GPP toolkit
  • To test the toolkit developing it to impact GPP as widely as possible.


Call for Case Studies:

We are currently looking for organisations to provide us with Case Studies that have examples of good Green Public Procurement practices. We are also looking for people to sign up for our mailing list and follow our social media channels to receive updates and future newsletters relating to the project and toolkit. You can do this by following the links below.

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