LOGistical and Industrial Codesign for TIDal Energy


Funding Body:

Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland


ORPC Ireland

Research Partners:

ORPC Ireland, Rockall Research Limited, EireComposites, University of Galway

Project Partners :

ORPC Ireland, Rockall Research Limited, EireComposites, University of Galway

Principal Investigators:

Prof Jamie Goggins and Dr. William Finnegan

Project Manager:

Dr. William Finnegan

Start Date



The goal of the LOGistical and Industrial Codesign for TIDal Energy (LOGIC-TIDE) project is to accelerate the commercialisation of Optimor, a high-potential cross-flow tidal energy turbine with a capacity of up to 2MW, to provide clean, predictable energy in support of Ireland’s and Europe’s decarbonisation and enterprise development efforts. To deliver this vision, the project consortium brings together a tidal energy developer (ORPC Ireland) at the forefront of the sector globally, supported by expert Irish supply chain companies, ÉireComposites and Rockall Research, and a world leading research organisation and testing infrastructure in University of Galway. LOGIC-TIDE will assess key practical requirements for tidal energy devices in the priority areas of industrial manufacture, installation, operations, and maintenance that will be critical for developing cost competitive and reliable projects. The project team will then take these requirements and apply innovative design methodologies to advance the device concept in line with industry best practice, including the IEA-OES Evaluation and Guidance Framework for Ocean Energy Technology. The survivability and robustness of critical components will be demonstrated in a high-precision laboratory setting. Successful delivery of the LOGIC-TIDE project will advance the industrial roll-out of a novel device that has been designed to meet the technical, logistical and market requirements to operate in high-potential tidal energy locations in NW Europe, advance the commercial and research objectives of the consortium partners, and identify how the economic prize available to Ireland in accessing this opportunity can be maximised.‌


  • Accelerating the development and deployment in the Irish marketplace of Optimor, a cost competitive tidal energy device.
  • Supporting innovative design solutions that address critical requirements around installation, operations and maintenance that will enable technical and other barriers to the market uptake of ocean energy to be overcome.
  • Growing Ireland's national capacity to access, develop and apply international class RD&D, leveraging existing EU-funded projects the consortium (one university and three SMEs) are engaged in and positioning them for success in upcoming large-scale opportunities.
  • Providing guidance and support to policy makers and public bodies by demonstrating the opportunity for Irish supply chain and infrastructure to support both indigenous tidal energy developments and export potential to the substantial nearby markets in the UK and France.


Work Packages

WP1 Project Management
WP2 Turbine Design & Optimisation
WP3 Joint manufacture and testing
WP4 Installation, Operations and Maintenance Co-Design
WP5 Chassis structural design
WP6 Impact, Communication and Dissemination

Engagement and Outreach

Partner Engagement

ORPC Ireland

Project Management
Foil optimization and joint modelling
Structural and variable buoyancy design
Supply chain and commercialization activities

Rockall Research Limited

Installation, Operations and Maintenance (I,O&M) parameter analysis
UK/Irish port infrastructure analysis
I,O&M Procedure development for Optimor


Industrial manufacturing review for large composite sections
Demonstrator joint build

University of Galway

Structural testing of composite joint
Structural testing report
Dissemination activities


Name Email Organization
Jamie Goggins jamie.goggins@universityofgalway.ie University of Galway
William Finnegan william.finnegan@universityofgalway.ie University of Galway
Michael Flanagan michael.flanagan@universityofgalway.ie University of Galway
Brendan Cahill bcahill@orpc.co ORPC Ireland
Patrick Cronin pcronin@orpc.co ORPC Ireland
Tomas Flanagan t.flanagan@eirecomposites.com EireComposites
Vedant Modi v.modi@eirecomposites.com EireComposites
Clement Courade ccourade@orpc.co ORPC Ireland
Conor Dillon cdillon@orpc.co ORPC Ireland
Alan Henry alan.henry@rockallsolutions.com Rockall Research Limited
Tenis Ranjan T.MunaweeraThanthirige1@nuigalway.ie University of Galway