Mobile Broadband will let you connect your computer over the high-speed broadband mobile network.  WiFi modems are available to purchase through

Cost Involved - Three

  • Under the eGovernment contract, there is no charge for the Broadband Modem device.

  • Data Roaming cost when outside the Republic of Ireland
    When travelling abroad with Three Broadband you will pay your monthly charge as normal, but in addition, you will be charged for each KB downloaded abroad. This charge varies from country to country. A full Data pricing and a list of countries where you can connect to the internet with Three Broadband is available online.
    Note that there is a charge of €5.00 per MB if you exceed the data limit.  

How do I order a new device?


  • Login to and from the home screen click on Returns & Repairs. Complete the prompted questions and Three will be in contact with you regarding organizing collection of your device for repair. Or you can complete the Three Business Direct Handset Repair Form
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