Managing Your Content

Each department / unit is responsible for its own Web content and must comply with the University policy.
Each department / unit should assign at least one, ideally two, 'Web administrators' to edit & publish content. 

Content Management System

The university has chosen t4 Site Manager as its Content Management System (CMS) and ISS has the infrastructure and resources in place to enable and support that CMS (and no others).
All units and research groups, affiliated with University of Galway, may request blank websites, which they can then build and maintain with this CMS*.
Please note: The resultant website will use the University’s Site Design, which is built into the CMS.

This service, complete with self-help resources, on-demand training, and full technical support, are all provided free of charge.

* The university's model for website creation and maintenance is for ISS to provide the Web Servers, CMS, Training, Documentation, Tools, and Support so that individual site owners can edit the site content themselves. It’s the same principle as with email, where ISS provides the Infrastructure, Editing software, Documentation, and Support but does not edit people’s emails for them.

More information on the university's CMS is available in the CMS Self-Help website.

T4 Site Manager Course

ISS has created an on-demand training course that can be taken at any time, from anywhere.  The 3-hr course is split into small segments which can be viewed as your schedule allows.  If you don't complete the course in one session, the course system will remember what you watched, so that you can pick up from where you left off, next time.  
We recommend you watch all the segments in the order in which they are listed and perform all course tasks.

When you complete the course you will get a digital badge (a string of letters and number, unique to you, that prove you've completed it).  Keep this safe - you may need it to get access to the CMS help from ISS support technicians.

Requesting Access to the CMS

Once you are familiar with the CMS, having taken the online training course, you can request access to edit an existing site (or a new, blank one) by logging a ticket on the ISS service desk. Remember to quote your digital badge number, to prove you've completed the basic training.


Below are the answers to some of the questions new users often ask:

Why do we have to use a Content Management System?

Can I change how my site looks?

Can I use my favourite CMS instead (e.g. WordPress)

Can I use my own site design instead of the university's?

Is the CMS is difficult to use?

Does the 3hr training cover everything I'll ever need?