University of Galway Campus App

The latest version of the University of Galway Campus App for smartphones and tables was designed to make your daily life on campus a whole lot easier.  It puts everthing you'll want to know about in one place.  An indispensable tool for new and existing University of Galway staff! The app is available to download from Google Play (Android) and the App Store (iPhones / iPads)

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Features include:

  • University News
  • An Dialann
  • Campus Map to all Teaching Rooms, Restaurants / Cafes, Car Parks, and Buildings
  • Mobile Access to Staff Email
  • Campus Directory (sign-in required)
  • Library Search from your phone
  • Mobile Access to Blackboard Learn
  • Emergency Numbers
  • ISS Bulletins
  • Find PC Suites with Specific Software Installed and See Live Usage Stats
  • Access to helpdesks and staff services
  • Parking Information
  • Staff FAQ's
  • Notification of College Closures

Is the app free?

Yes, the app is free to download on all three platforms, with no ads or in app purchases. 

Do I need Internet to use the app?

Some features of the app, such as Flirt Fm and Library search do require internet, But you can still use other features offline such as Campus Maps and Blackboard Learn

How do I search for a room or lecture hall in the Campus Maps?

Once you are connected to the internet, click 'Locations', and then 'Rooms'.  Select a room code (Ex. AC201) and the app will show you the location on the map. If you click on the location it will use your phone GPS to guide you to the room.

Why are the Android and iPhone Campus Maps different?

The app uses the default map, so iPhone campus maps uses Apple maps while Android uses Google maps.

Help & Support

Help & Support

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