Managers Query: What are the managers responsibilities when employing occasional employees (hourly paid on timesheets)?

Please see information here

Managers Query: What should I do if I realised that I submitted the same timesheet twice?

You must contact the bureau email address immediately to explain the problem including details of when both timesheets were submitted and the employee's name in order to rectify the error.

Under what circumstances may I claim or authorise an employee’s claim for mileage/travel costs for journeys to and from that employee’s normal place of work with the university?

There are no circumstances where you can claim for or, indeed, authorise any employee’s claim for mileage/travel costs for journeys to and from their normal place of work in the university’s employment. An employee can be full-time, part-time or occasional.

These journeys are specifically disallowed by Revenue and university policy.

For example, John provides lectures on the University of Galway’s main campus seven times a year. John lives in Dublin and would like to be reimbursed for his travel to and from the university for these lectures.

The university is not allowed to approve a travel claim from John in these circumstances as travel to and from work is deemed to be John’s own private travel under Revenue rules. It is not deemed to be a business journey.

You can find more information on this subject online on Revenue’s guidance to travel and subsistence.


For what reason's does an individual need a six digit payroll number?

The only reason an individual should be set up with a six digit payroll number is to be paid for work carried out.
If an individual needs IT access only then this process is dealt with by ISS and does not require a six digit payroll number. ISS contact details.
PAYE modernisation requires all individuals set up on payroll (anyone with an active six digit payroll number) to be reported to Revenue as an employee of the University of Galway. This will lead to false information being reported to Revenue if they will not be paid and it will affect employees taxation with other employers or affect their social welfare job seekers benefits.
Please inform of any individuals that were set up in error.

Do I need a PPS number for the hourly payment process?

Yes, every person that will be paid under the hourly payment process needs a PPS number because you need to be register with Revenue using your PPS number and we have to report each employee's payments processed via payroll to Revenue.
Information is available on the Social Welfare website on how you apply for a PPS number.

What form does a student ambassador complete?

Student ambassadors are normally paid for open days. Payments of this nature should be requested on the Payroll Payment Timesheet.

What type of payments are requested on the "Hourly Paid Teaching Staff Timesheet"?

You can only use this timesheet if the following steps are followed:

  1. First a Contract of Employment for Part-time Teaching Support Staff approved by the college must be submitted to HR
  2. HR will confirm via email successful setup of your part-time teaching support staff contract
  3. HR state on the email that the payment will be via timesheet
  4. Only the approved hours within the contract dates can be claimed on this timesheet
Further information about Teaching support staff (TSS) process can be found on HR website here

What type of payments are requested on the "Payroll Payment Timesheet"?

This timesheet must only be used for the specific work listed on the drop down list on the timesheet.


What form do I use for payment of essay corrections?

For exam essay corrections: This relates to marking essays that contribute to the overall examination result, this comes under the heading exam corrections. This rate is per essay on the  Exam Correctors Timesheet

For essay corrections which do not contribute to the examination marks: These are essays which are a means of providing feedback to students. They come under the hourly paid teaching staff heading rather than the Exam correction heading. This rate is an hourly rate on the  Hourly Paid Teaching Staff Timesheet.

Who do I contact about hourly timesheet payment or the status of my timesheet?

Employees / claimants must contact the person they emailed the timesheet to (manager / school administrator). 

The approver of the timesheet must look into the query which may involve the Bureau. Do not send the timesheet again to the bureau unless the bureau request you to do so.

Why are the dates of work necessary to enter on the timesheet?

The work dates entered on your timesheet & the amount you earned on those dates are entered into the payroll system which then automatically calculates how many PRSI weeks you are entitled to and at what rate should you pay PRSI on your earnings. This information is important to determine your social welfare benefits.

Please see further information on the Social Welfare Website

For example if your payslip shows you are PRSI Class A:

Class A Benefits are

Jobseekers Benefit
Illness Benefit
Maternity Benefit
Adoptive Benefit
Health and Safety Benefit
Invalidity Pension
Widow/Widower's or Surviving Civil Partner's (Contributory) Pension
Guardians Payment (Contributory)
State Pension (Contributory)
*State Pension (Transition)
Treatment Benefit
Occupational Injuries Benefit
Carers Benefit


Why can't I use my six digit scholarship number for requesting work payments?

Although both numbers are 6 digits the following are reasons for different payroll numbers for payments:-

Scholarship payments are not taxable and are not reported to Revenue. These are paid through a different system that Research Accounts manage. Payroll have no involvement with these payments.

Any other payments to students that are not part of their scholarship are considered work payments which are taxable and must be paid through the PAYE system managed by the Payroll Office. These payments will be reported to Revenue.

How do I end my employment with the University of Galway?

You must email HR at email address with your leaving date, payroll ID number, and confirm when you will receive your final payment from the University. When your leaving date is entered on the system, this will end your employment with the University and this will be reported to Revenue and Department of social protection at the end of the month.

You can view details of your ceased employment in myAccount. This is done through the Manage your tax service, which includes your pay and tax details. There is a facility to print these employment details if required.

The Department of Employment Affairs and Social Protection no longer require a P45 for claims as the information we provide to Revenue will suffice.

How can I access my payslips?

You must be currently paid on timesheets to have access to your payslips on line. You can view your payslips on Core Portal. Please ensure you download and save at least the last 6 months of your payslips before your employment ceases as you will lose access to your payslips.

Please see information available on our website which will assist you for "Payslips Online" and "Core Portal"

How do I get a copy of my P60 cert?

Important Information: Due to PAYE Modernisation - your 2018 P60 is the last P60 you will receive from your employer.

From 2019 onwards the P60 process is replaced with an "End of year statement" which will be available to you in "myAccount" on Revenue On Line.

Please see revenue website for further information about this.

How do I update my personal details?

If you need to change your bank details please complete the Change of Bank Details Form

If you wish to change other personal details please email stating your payroll number and PPS number.

We may contact you to ask other security questions before making such changes.