When is pay day?

Please see Payment Dates

What are the deadlines for payroll?

Please see Payroll Deadlines  

How can I access my Payslips?

You must be current employee to have access to your payslips on line. You can view your payslips on Core Portal. Please ensure you download and save at least the last 6 months of your payslips before your employment ceases as you will lose access to your payslips 120 days after your leaving date.

Please see information available on our website which will assist you for "Payslips Online" and "Core Portal"


What bank accounts can be used for Payroll (salary or pension) and Expenses payments?

The Payroll and Expenses Office can make euro transfers to any SEPA reachable bank account. If you have a SEPA reachable bank account in a Eurozone country, you can receive salaries and expenses from NUI Galway.

What steps should I take if I find that I have been overpaid?

Overpayments of pay can arise due to a number of reasons including:

(i) Failure of relevant line manager to notify University’s HR Office of cessation of employment/commencement of unpaid leave/changes in working hours.

(ii) Failure of departing employee to notify relevant line manager and/or University’s HR Office of cessation of employment/commencement of unpaid leave/changes in working hours.

(iii) Limitations in Core software.

(iv) Human error in data-capture process.

If you think you may have been overpaid (for example, your pay is unexpectedly and/or exceptionally high, you have received a payment after you have left the university, etc.), please review your pay-slip details through Employee Self-Service to identify if the potential overpayment is in gross pay and/or net pay.

If the potential overpayment relates toPlease contact the
Gross pay (including allowances) Human Resourses Office
Net pay (including deductions from gross pay such as tax, PRSI, pension, etc.) Payroll & Expenses Office

How can I identify what has caused my net pay to be different this month/week?

  1.  You need to compare your current payslip with your previous payslip to identify where the difference is.
  2. It could be a change in your tax details from Revenue which affects your net pay in the month the change occured. When your tax details are amended and on a cumulative tax basis, all your income and tax paid from 1st January to date are accumulated and your tax deduction will be recalculated in the month the change is notified to payroll. See further information on Revenue website here
  3. It could be a change in other deductions that changed from the previous payslip. You will find the list of deductions here.
  4. It could be a change in your Gross pay. If this is the issue and you have further queries please contact HR.

If you have reviewed your payslip as outlined above and have further queries regarding the difference in your net pay please email payroll@nuigalway.ie with your query including your payroll/staff number.

Who do I contact with queries relating  to Gross Pay/ Salary / Increments?

You can view this information on your Core Portal which is outlined under "Core Portal FAQs" section.

If you have futher queries or issues please contact Human Resources

I want to know what my net pay would be if I changed my hours or working pattern?

Please use the NUI Galway Net Pay Calculator & follow the instructions to get an estimate of what your net pay could be.

Who do I contact to complete a mortgage application form?

Either HR or Payroll will complete a mortgage application form.

  1. Please do not complete any part of the form as the employer must complete it in full.
  2. Provide your payroll/staff ID number and name attached to the form.
  3. Let us know if you want to collect it or post it to you including your postal address.
  4. Please allow at least two working days for the cert to be returned from Payroll.

How can I see the benefit on my payslip for cycle to work scheme and travel pass scheme?

Note: The forms for these schemes are available on HR's website and any queries relating to this process should be directed to HR.

You will see the full amount deducted from your gross earnings on your payslip but you benefit by only paying TAX, USC, A.S.C. & PRSI on the balance of your gross earnings.

Your Gross pay for PAYE (Taxable Pay) is the value used for calculating your P.A.Y.E. deduction. This is your total Gross Earnings minus deductions that are not taxable (i.e. cycle to work/travel pass scheme). 

 For example: How much of your salary / wages is calculated for Tax, USC, PRSI, A.S.C.

 Taxable Pay / Gross pay for PAYE = Gross Pay less (ASC – Pension/AVC – cycle to work - Travel Pass - Income Protection - Group Life Plan)

 USC Pay = Gross Pay less (cycle to work - Travel Pass)

 PRSI Pay = Gross Pay less (cycle to work - Travel Pass)

 ASC Pay = Gross Pay less (cycle to work - Travel Pass)


Who do I contact about my parking permit payment that is being deducted from my salary?

Please contact the Parking Permit Office if you have a query regarding the deduction from your salary/wages.

Where can I find explanations about deductions on my payslip?

Please see payslip explained

What do I need to know about taking unpaid leave that is payroll related?

Please see unpaid leave information on our website.