Module Code: CT5184

Micro-credential Overview

This Micro-credential will cover analysis and visualisation to transform data into usable insight. It will use graphical data visualisation tools for fast insight without using software coding. It is a mix of theoretical and practical aspects of Data Analysis and Visualisation. The Micro-credential will teach both principles and practice in order to avoid common visualisation errors which lead to inaccessible or misleading results. A programming-free module will be taught using different data analysis and visualisation tools.

Tools will be taught from scratch, therefore, no prior knowledge of computer science or programming is required. Students will require access to a computer where they can install the required tools. The Micro-credential is taught using software and resources that are free and open source. The following Topics will be covered in the module:


    • Types & Process of Data Analysis
    • Data, Information & Knowledge
    • Fundamentals of Data Visualisation
    • Deep into Data Visualisation & Infographic
    • Data Visualisation Planning with Common Mistakes
    • Design Principles of Data Visualisation
    • Mapping Data (Quantitative & Qualitative Values)


Tools: Microsoft Excel, Tableau Public, Microsoft Power BI, Flourish

  • Data Summarisation Methods
  • Data handling methods
  • Creating Interactive Visualisations
  • Creating Stories with Data
  • Interactive Dashboard Designing

On the successful conclusion of this module, learners will be able to:

  • Design effective Data Visualisation according to Design Principles
  • Select and apply appropriate data visualisation methods.
  • Carry out common data manipulations including pivots, dealing with missing data, and achieving tidy data.
  • Use modern data tools to consume data in multiple formats.
  • Select and apply appropriate data summarisation methods.

Start Date

Academic Year 2024/25, Semester 1

Mode of Study and Assessment 

The mode of study for this Micro-credential is online - Asynchronous delivery module. Assessment will be 100% continuous. 

NFQ Level and ECTS

Level 9


Application Process

From the 1st April 2024 you can apply for any University of Galway Micro-credential through our Online Application Portal

When completing your application please make sure to select the following categories:

Academic level: Micro-credentials and CPD
College/Interest type: Micro-credentials/CPD Postgrad Level 9
Academic programme: Software Engineering & Database Technologies Micro-credentials – CPC1

You will need to manually enter the Module Name and Code under ‘Module Name’ on the second page of your application. Please copy the name and code below:

Data Analysis and Visualisation - CT5184

You can find more details on our application process here.

Course Fees


Subsided fee: €130

*Candidates who meet the eligibility criteria may qualify for a 80% fee subsidy, subject to the availability of subsidised places. For eligibility details, please refer to the Eligibility Criteria on the Micro-credentials webpage.

Entry Requirements

  • Applicants must be over 21 years of age.
  • A Level 8 undergraduate, or Level 7 qualification with 3 years experience is required.
  • Applications can be considered using Recognition of Prior Learning.
  • No prior knowledge of computer science or programming is required.

Contact Information

If you have any queries please email:

Module Lecturer: 

Dr. Mamoona Asghar,
School of Computer Science,
University of Galway

Data Analysis and

Data Analysis and Visualisation |   Past Student

That was a fantastic learning experience with Dr. Mamoona. I am fully satisfied with up grading my skills on data analysis.