Module Code: HP1108

Micro-credential Overview

This module is based upon the World Health Organisation’s Healthy Workplace Model. There are 5 units in total;
(1) Work and Health;
(2) The Physical Work Environment;
(3) The Psychosocial Work Environment;
(4) Personal Health Resources
(5) and (6) Enterprise Community Involvement/ Making the Business Case for Wellness. Each of the units will explore case studies, theoretical background of concepts, practical activities and research evidence for interventions.

Learning outcomes

  • To understand the basic concepts of principles of health promotion as they apply to the workplace setting.
  • To demonstrate an understanding of the complexity of the relationship between work, workplaces and physical and mental health.
  • To describe the way in which the physical environment influences health and the interventions required to create a supportive environment.
  • To identify psychosocial risk factors and interventions to address them.
  • To explore interventions for facilitating voluntary behaviour change and the strengths and limitations of these to improve the health and wellbeing of workers.
  • To identify evidence base for personal, physical and psychosocial risk factors.
  • To demonstrate an understanding of the link between an enterprise and community and the importance of creating a positive relationship. |To discover the business case for workplace wellness. 

Start Date

Academic Year 2024/25 - Semester 2

Mode of Study and Assessment

The mode of study for this Micro-credential is Blended Learning (in-person and online).

Assessment will be carried out on a continuous basis.

NFQ Level and ECTs 

Level 9

10 ECT’s 

Application Process

From the 1st April 2024 you can apply for any University of Galway Micro-credential through our Online Application Portal

When completing your application please make sure to select the following categories:

Academic level: Micro-credentials and CPD
College/Interest type: Micro-credentials/CPD Undergrad Level 9.
Academic programme: Medicine & Health Sciences micro-credentials - CPC14.

You will need to manually enter the Module Name and Code under ‘Module Name’ on the second page of your application. Please copy the name and code below:

Promoting Health in the Workplace - HP1108

You can find more details on our application process here.

Course Fees


Subsided fee: €540

*Candidates who meet the eligibility criteria may qualify for a 50% fee subsidy, subject to the availability of subsidised places.

For eligibility details, please refer to the Eligibility Criteria on the Micro-credentials webpage.

Entry Requirements 

Applicants must be over 21 years of age.  Honours Primary degree or equivalent, and Foundations for Health Promotion/Concepts and Principles of Health Promotion required.  1-4 years relevant work-experience is recommended.  Applications can be considered using Recognition of Prior Learning.

Contact Information

If you have any queries please email: