Module Code: CT5161

Micro-credential Overview

Programming has long been identified as one of the skills that is most in demand by employers, now and into the future. This Micro-credential will provide learners with a gentle introduction to fundamental programming concepts using Python, which is one of today’s most widely used and fastest growing programming languages. This Micro-credential is ideal for learners who wish to augment their current skillset, or for those who would like to try learning about programming and computer science concepts in a short 12-week course rather than committing to a longer programme of study.  

Students will be taught how to program from first principles; therefore, no prior knowledge of computer science or programming is required. Students will require access to a computer where they can install Python and the required development tools. The Micro-credential is taught using software and resources that are free and open source. Topics covered include: fundamental concepts such as variables and conditional statements, performing calculations, loops, data structures, input and output, algorithms for searching and sorting, object-oriented programming, introduction to some commonly used Python libraries (e.g., numpy, pandas, matplotlib, scikit-learn). ‌‌‌

Micro-credential Reviews

“As a complete beginner, I found the pacing of material and concepts was appropriate”. 

“This module provided a very strong foundational course in Python. I feel very confident in approaching the more advanced aspects of the language.” 

“I felt the quantity and choice of material was ideal for an introduction to programming module”

“The lecturer was very enthusiastic which makes lectures more engaging, and he seemed very approachable/open to questions.” 

“I felt that the assignments gave me an excellent understanding of the real-world application of Python. Almost all the material seemed relevant, useful and practical, which in turn made learning it more enjoyable.”


Start Date

Academic Year 2024/25, Semester 1

Mode of Study

The mode of study for this Micro-credential is online. Assessment will be completed on a continuous basis. 

NFQ Level and ECTS

Level 8


Application Process

From the 1st April 2024 you can apply for any University of Galway Micro-credential through our Online Application Portal

When completing your application please make sure to select the following categories:

Academic level: Micro-credentials and CPD
College/Interest type: Micro-credentials/CPD Undergrad Level 7 and 8
Academic programme: Science & Technology Micro-credentials - CPB1

You will need to manually enter the Module Name and Code under ‘Module Name’ on the second page of your application. Please copy the name and code below:

Introduction to Programming in Python - CT5161

You can find more details on our application process here. 

Course Fees


Subsided fee: €130

*Candidates who meet the eligibility criteria may qualify for a 80% fee subsidy, subject to the availability of subsidised places. For eligibility details, please refer to the Eligibility Criteria on the Micro-credentials webpage.

Entry Requirements 

  • Applicants must be over 21 years of age.
  • No prior knowledge of computer science or programming is required but access to a computer to install Python and the required development tools is needed.

Contact Information

If you have any queries please email:

MicroCreds Podcast

MicroCreds Podcast

Janice Mulvany Glennon, meets with Dr. Patrick Mannion to discuss Introduction to Programming in Python Micro-credential

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