Content versus content boxes

This text was inserted into the page via a 'Content (Rich Text)' content type. This content type will expand to the available width of the page layout. If the page layout leaves room for a right bar, this content type is a certain width, whereas if it is a full-width page layout, the text will go all the way to the right hand side of the page. This content should only be used if you need to add content and a Title.

If you need to have multiple 'Content' content types in a section and you have one Title, consider using 'Content (Rich Text)' for the first one to include your title and 'Content (no title)' for the rest - if you use the content type which has a field for a title and it is left blank, then you have vertical whitespace caused by 'nbsp;' being inserted for the empty Title field, this is problematic for people who use accessibility tools such as Screen Readers.

Content box number one

NOTE: Content boxes are an older content type that are accommodated by the 2015 design but the colour options are ignored - You'll always have a green header and grey text.

Content boxes allow you to select the box size (1-4) and the colour of the title bar (light green, green, grey, purple, or white).

This one is size 3 with a light green header.


You might be tempted to try to float a small sized box to the right to make a data island but this is not supported.  These sized boxes are to used fill up available space and are sometimes useful if you have an image in the body area of the page that is aligned right or left.

Content box number 2

This content box has a purple header and a box size of two

Content box number three

This content box has a box size of one and a grey header.

Notice how the header wrapped onto a second line rather than expand wider than the box size allows.

Content box number four

We are using a green header and a box size of 4 here.

Remember, content boxes are static size don't use this size if your page is going to have a right bar (because there wouldn't be room).

Image of Large Content Box with Image

Large Content Box with Image

This is the large content box with image text content.

You can use any background image - i.e. 'Image Path (CSS)' - in the media library.

But ideally your image wouldn't be greater than 176px wide or tall.